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16. February 2018

A toilet for all in the emerging town of Katarniya

with Mohan Bhatta and Rubika Shrestha Shivu Sharma looks older than his 39 years, but this is not surprising given his life experiences. Born into a labourer family, he has also worked as a labourer most of his life – mainly in India, where he is currently employed in the furniture industry. We only happen
05. February 2018

What we wished everyone took seriously about contract farming – experience from Tanzania

Maja Rüegg, Martin Fischler & Zenebe Uraguchi Contract farming, also known as out-grower scheme, has been in existence for decades. In recent years, its use for organising agricultural production is growing rapidly with the rise of agricultural commercialisation, mainly in developing countries. It may not be a suitable business model for all contexts, and its
25. January 2018

When theory meets practice in monitoring & evaluation: a personal story from Albania

Admir Malaj & Zenebe Uraguchi We first met a year and a half ago. Admir was a candidate for the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager position of a youth employment project, RisiAlbania. Zenebe was a member of the recruitment panel, participating from the Head Office of HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. Admir got the job. Yet this

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Kyrgyzstan, 21. Februar 2018

ЗАПРОС НА ПОДАЧУ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЙ (ЗПП) для оказания консультационных услуг для проекта USAID Агро Горизонт

Проект USAID Агро Горизонт объявляет запрос на подачу предлжений по оказанию консультационных услуг с целью повышения производительности молочных коров фермеров, поставляющих молоко для молокопереребатывающего предприятия ЧП «Ахматова», расположенного в селе Кочкорка


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