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In the water sector, services are poorly managed and causing deficiencies in quality and distribution. This is not due to a shortage of resources or technical capabilities but rather to deficiencies in governance and integrity. With our project GIGAM we want to change this, especially in most remote areas...

  • Project Name
    GIGAM – Better Access to Water in the Highlands
  • Project Phase
    2018 to 2020
  • Funding
    This project is financed by the European Commission.
  • Thematic focus

As services in the municipalities of the Márquense highlands are still limited due to weak organizational management, lack of coordination, participation and articulation, we want to change this situation together with our local partner ADIMAM. Together, we want to improve access to water, secure the functionality of infrastructure and new governance models.

As such, our project GIGAM will strengthen governance structures of municipal services within the water sector in the Altiplano Márquense. Regarding this, we will consider the following two dimensions: (i) organizational and institutional management of services based on public needs; and (ii) the responsibility of local governments to comply with principles of integrity, transparency and accountability at the community and municipal levels.

We want to strengthen the participation of community organizations and municipal governments in the inclusive management of urban and rural water services in the Altiplano de San Marcos in a transparent way.

This project is financed by the European Commisson. More information about the Delegation of the European Union to Guatemala you please find here.

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Better water services will improve people's living conditions. © Helvetas
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The villagers are very interested in the new project. © Helvetas
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The necessary activities are developed together in training sessions. © Helvetas

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